Friday, September 28, 2007

Day One

Hello friends and family. I hope to keep everyone posted on what is going on with me thru this blog. I will have LOTS of free time so I hope to update this daily.

Here is the background story in case you haven't heard:

I had my first Dr. appointment since moving back to Ft. Worth on Friday Sept. 21st. Like every other appointment they do blood work and ask how I am feeling. I had been very tired, but I thought it was because I had just started back to school and I was worn out like every other teacher that I know. When I walked into the office I did not have a clue what was lurking in my body. I am lucky to have the same doctor that treated me at Scott & White. He moved to Ft. Worth the same time that I did. My lab results were ready by the time I got to the exam room. I looked at the paper and a few numbers were circled, but still I had no clue. Not until he looked at me and said there were some red flags that have shown up that I thought I had relapsed. He said the next step was a bone marrow biopsy. That would tell us everything we needed to know. Monday the biopsy took place and I was to come back on Thursday for the results. Before the biopsy he prepared me for the hospital and what was possible to come next. I had 3 days to think about my fate and try to live a normal life. It was the hardest 3 days. I continue to work and do things normally while packing my bags and buying the things I knew I would need for the long stay in the hospital. Dad and I went to get the results. The nurse walked me back to the exam room and asked if I was ready to go to the hospital. She told me all I needed to hear. When Dr. Crim confirmed my leukemia was back I felt relieved. Finally I had an answer. I had 76% blast cells in my bone marrow.

So last night I was admitted to Harris Downtown room 738. I had a port that last time, but it was removed because I did not imagine ever needing to use it again, and plus it felt weird in my chest. Call me crazy, but as many times as I have been poked with needles, I still hate them. I have learned to put on my "big girl panties" and deal with it. Last night they put in a PICC line. It is a line that runs thru a vein in my upper right arm to my superior vena cava. The procedure was done in my room while I watched Forrest Gump.

Right now I am waiting for chemo to start. I had a echo cardiogram this morning and we are waiting for the cardiologist to tell us that my ticker is strong enough for chemo. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. I appreciate everyone thinking about me. I am very lucky to have so many friends pulling for me. I promise to fight this with all I have. I am too stubborn to let leukemia beat me. I beat this once and I will sure beat it again.

Thanks for checking in on me and I will hopefully have some more interesting things to talk about once chemo starts.

Here's my contact information:
Harris Methodist Hospital Downtown
Room 738



Jeff Howeth said...

Hey sweetie! I am so sorry to read about your condition. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck, may God be with You. If I can do anything, just let me know.

Roxann said...

I'm so glad you started this blog. I will read it regularly in addition of course to calling you to see how you're doing. I know you will get through this-you've beat it before and I know you will again. Miss you and I hope to visit you soon.