Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lots going on

This week will be a lot busier than I am use to. Dr. Crim called me last Thursday and told me that I will be doing more chemo starting the week of the 10th. Luckily this time I am able to do it out patient. We are trying new drugs that I have never had before, so hopefully the side effects are not more than I am use to. I have a lot of appointments this week to get ready for chemo. I have to have another ECHO of my heart to make sure it is not damaged from all the chemo. Then I have to have another port placed. This one will be under the skin. I met with the surgeon today and he thinks we can go thru the same incision eliminating another scar. Luckily this time I will have some sedation during the surgery so I can sleep right thru it.

Last week the guys my dad works with at the base held a burger burn for me. They get all the burgers donated and during reserve weekend instead of the guys going out to eat they buy a hamburger. Just from that they raised $500 to help out with my medical expenses. I was floored that they raised so much money for me. They presented me with the money last week. All the Commanders and the guys from the shop were there. Of course I started to cry when they presented me with the money. On the left is a picture of me with all the Commanders. The right picture is with all the guys in the shop my dad works with.

I decided that I had too much free time on my hands and I wanted to find an organization that I could volunteer for. A friend told me about A Wish With Wings. They grant wishes to terminally ill children. I met the people that run this organization and they are wonderful people. Every year they raise money by taking pictures with Santa. I made sure I dressed festive when I went to volunteer. Well I wasn't dressed festive enough. When I got there they showed me where to change and I had to wear an elf costume. Luckily I wasn't by myself. Also they didn't tell us to bring tights because the costumes aren't that long. I made the best of it and even took a picture with Santa. I have proof that I was an elf.
We are still looking for a donor. I have had 5 out of 6 people respond to have additional blood work done. We are still a few weeks away from finding out if any of them will be my donor. I figure it will be January before I get my transplant. I am fine with that, but I hope it won't be too much longer. Waiting is getting harder. I really want to get back to work. Being home all day does get boring.


Shari Smith said...

Well - where is the elf picture???

Christy said...

First - I'd love to see the elf picture! (wink)

Second - I am so happy to hear that you are doing alright Sam! You have been in my thoughts and prayers!

Much love,

Mama B said...

Sounds like you're hanging in Sam.
With the holidays coming up, I hope your Chemo goes as well as possible. Give yourself a hug from DaddyB and me. Sorry I'm not there to do it personally. Give your family our best.
I bet you made a beautiful elf.