Saturday, April 26, 2008

7 random things about me... tagged by Camille

1. I never spent a night in a hospital until October 19, 2005. That's the day my life changed.

2. I was born with a lazy ear. Kids use to tease me about it and one boy told me I should sleep with silly putty in my ear and that would fix it.

3. On the first day of kindergarten I walked into the room and said "What the hell are you doing in here." That was my first and last time in the principals office.

4. I still hate needles.

5. I love to hear the jets fly over my house.

6. I do the People crossword puzzles every week. It's the only crossword puzzle that make me feel smart.

7. I read the large print edition of Readers Digest. I hate looking at magazines that you have to use a magnifying glass just to read the words on the page.

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