Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day -6

I am surprised that I still feel as good as I do after 2 treatments of chemo. I have 2 more days of this drug and then I get another new chemo called Cytoxin for 2 days. The Cytoxin is suppose to be a harder drug and might cause some nausea. Luckily I only get that for 2 days. I will have a day off before I have my transplant. There are several volunteers that I have met that have had transplants of this floor. Most are 3-5 years post transplant. It is nice to speak to others that have been thru what I am going thru and they all look so good. That has definitely make me feel better about the transplant and that I can go back to my normal life one day and no one would be able to tell that I was ever sick with leukemia.

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