Friday, January 11, 2008

The end is near

I wanted to let everyone know that my transplant will be happening very soon. I received the phone call yesterday that my donor is available to donate on the 25th of January. That means I have to be in the hospital a week before so I can be ready to receive my donors stem cells. I will be admitted to the hospital on Thursday. Starting on Friday I will receive 7 days of high dose chemotherapy that will kill off all my healthy cells and leukemia cells. Once all my cells are gone then I will receive my donors stem cells thru a blood transfusion. It's a painless process for me. After I receive my donors stem cells I will be monitored to make sure my body does not try to fight the foreign cells. I hope to only have to be in the hospital for a month. Once I am in the hospital I will be updating the blog more often since I will have a lot more going on to talk about. Thanks for continuing to keep me in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sam,
Dara told me you had received this news. It is truely a blessing for you and your family.
You remain in my heart and in my prayers.
Mama B

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Words cannot express how excited we are for you!!! WOW!!!!

Christy said...


I know that this is answered prayer for y'all!! I have to just shed tears of joy for you and for another friend of mine that was accepted in a study program to treat his cancer. You are a true blessing, Sam! You are in my thoughts and my prayers, always!

Much love,