Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day -7 It all begins today

Well I am all checked in to my room in Dallas. It's no 5 star hotel, but the room is larger than the room I had at Harris. Last night they placed the central line so they have access to a vein to give me all my medications. As you can see it's in my neck. That has taken me some time to get use to. Chemo started this morning at 9am. Today is day -7. I am receiving 7 days of high dose chemotherapy and then on day zero after the chemo is finished I will receive my donors cells. The days after the transplant are positive days (+1, +2). So far I have felt great and I do not have the anxiety that I thought I would. It will take about a week for my counts to go to zero and that's when I will be feeling at my worst. I would love visitors, but just make sure you are not sick. If you have a cough, runny nose or allergies it is best to stay away. I will have no immune system and nothing to fight off an infection if I catch one. My cell phone works in my room if you want to call and chat.
My Address:
Samantha Galpin

Baylor University Medical Center

4 Collins, Room 435

3500 Gaston Avenue

Dallas, TX 75247

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Roxann said...

We definately want to visit you soon. And I understand about the whole don't be sick thing. Although my situation is completely different and I do have an immune system, I have a suppressed immune system and I still freak if anyone around me is sniffing or coughing and then touching all my stuff. I can't get sick as easily as you but I definately will stay away if I even feel a little trickle in my throat! I will get in contact with you and we can figure out our visit.