Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day +25

Today has been the first time that my mind hasn't been in a fog. I am still fighting the GVHD on my body. My rash is still on my stomach and chest. After going to the clinic everyday for treatment, my doctor decided to try a new drug and give it a few days to work. I am lucky to have today off and I will see my regular doctor on Thursday to re-evaluate my treatment. My doctor is not overly concerned about my GVHD. He says some is good because it shows that my body is engrafting the new stem cells. I have never done anything slow and my body is trying to take over too quickly. With all this medication they are trying to slow down my body to give me some extra time to engraft. All my blood counts are coming back like they should and I haven't needed a blood or platlet transfusion for quite a while. As soon as we get this GVHD under control life will start to get a little easier. I apologise if I don't call or respond to e-mails as quickly as I should. I still have my good and bad days. I do read them all and appreciate every one I get. Thanks for continuing to keep me in your prayers. I can honestly say that this is the hardest part of the entire process and I can't wait to get to the other side.

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Anonymous said...

BIG (((HUGS))) Sam!!

You are in my thoughts and prayers!!