Friday, February 1, 2008

Finally starting to feel better

Sorry it has taken me so long to update the blog. I was doing well up until Day +4 and then I went downhill fast. The doctors told me that days 3-10 would be the worse and I was hoping that I would feel better for a few more days, but I was wrong. On Day +4 I woke up feeling ok, but as the day progressed I started feeling terrible. By that evening I was runing a fever and they were starting me on heavy antibiotics. I was tired, running a fever that would not go away and my heart was racing everytime time I got up to move. Day +5 wasn't any better. I have to make myself get up and walk so I can be active and hopefully heal faster. It wasn't until today (Day +6) that I needed a blood and platelet transfusion. Since I got that I feel much better. I have more energy and am not dizzy when I take a walk. In 2 more days I will be getting a white cell booster so my white cells can start producing faster. The less days my white count is at zero the less chance I have of getting another infection. By Day 10-14 my white count will start to reproduce and we will be able to see how my donors cells are working in my body. So far I have tolerated this regimine very well. If I can get away with feeling bad for only a few days then I am very lucky. I hope to only have to be here for another 2 weeks. If I do get out of here then I will be going home on Valentine's Day. After I leave the hospital I will be coming back and forth to Dallas at least twice a week to monitor my labs and all my my medications. I will have to be very careful being around people for a while because it is going to take my immune sysyem a while to rebuild.


rob said...

our thoughts are with you-

Roxann said...

Well I know you and I know you you will be home for Valentine's Day! I'm glad to see that overall you're doing ok and I feel for you that you have to go through the bad days. We're thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Proud of you..stay strong.....

I can say your doing great, and I am glad we are getting closer to your new life...

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." John Quincey Adams

Be patient with yourself...and look ahead at the goal you have set forth for yourself..

We are all here for you..


Christy said...


You are in my prayers sweetheart. It sounds like overall you are doing good with a couple of speedbumps. ;o) You are doing such an awesome job keeping strong Sam, I am proud of you! :o)

Much love,