Friday, October 12, 2007

Bald is the new black

My hairdresser Elizabeth has the honor of shaving my head today. She has worked with me to grow my hair out, but all that work will be falling to the floor. My mom can't make herself do it. She wants to take pictures, but it is too traumatic for her to shave her daughters head. I have been playing with my hair a lot more these last few days. I will miss running my fingers thru it, drying and straightening it everyday. I know I can't keep it. I am ready to take control of my hair, before I have no other option and it falls out all around me. Before my hair was a sandy blond color and when it grew back it was a dark brown. I have always been told that you hair changes texture when it grows back. I am looking forward to seeing what grows back. I could have red curly hair or black straight hair. It will be a surprise. I am not crazy about wearing wigs. They are hot and itchy and really not my style. I thought since it's Halloween I would get a few funky wigs just for fun. When I go out I will probably be wearing a baseball cap or just rocking the bald head. My mom says I have a nice head so I am not afraid to let others see me bald. I am proud of what I have gone thru so I have no reason to hide my accomplishments.

My bone marrow biopsy went well this morning. My doctor gave my IV morphine and ativan and that really cut the edge off the pain. I was much more relaxed during the procedure. I have good hard bones, so getting in is the worst part, but he got everything he needed and by Tuesday we should know something. As long as there are less than 5% blasts in my bone marrow I will be considered in remission. Keep me in your prayers that all will go well and we will get the news we want on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

David and I pray for you and read your blog every day. We love your spirit! You go girl!!!

And seriously - You look beautiful bald!