Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Sorry there was no blog yesterday. I had nothing going on and I didn't know what to write about. Well today I am running another fever. I spiked a temp late last night and after Tylenol I spiked a higher fever this morning. They started to run all the normal tests to make sure I don't have a bug. It is not uncommon to run a fever when your counts are as low as mine. Sometimes they can't find the source of the fever, but they still take all the precautions to get my fever down. My doctor will start me on another IV antibiotic today. I hope I don't have a reaction to the new medication. My rash is slowly going away. It's not nearly as red as it was a few days ago, but it's still there. I know I have been lucky to be here as long as I have and not run a fever, but I hate being sick. I just want to feel better so I can go home before I have to go back to the hospital in Dallas for the transplant.

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Christy Imel - Grant said...


You are in prayers sweetheart. What hospital are you in? How much longer are you there for? Your blog says you will be in for 2 weeks; is that still the case?

You are in prayers sweetheart. If there is ANYTHING I can do, please let me know!

Much love,
Christy Imel-Grant