Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fun day decorating

The other day I got the idea that I wanted to decorate my room. I have been her for 2 weeks and I am starting to get tired of looking at white walls. There are several patients that have decorated their rooms to look like home. Some friends have given me Halloween stuff and then I sent mom to Walmart for some window clings. Since I already had some decorations I thought why not go all out. I called a few people and in less than 24 hours I have a Halloween decorated room. My room makes me happy now. I even have bats hanging from my ceiling. I am glad that I felt up to decorating today. I received platelets this morning and will probably need a blood transfusion tomorrow. Other than that I feel pretty good.
My transplant coordinator called me today and my sister is not a match. My next option is to search the National Bone Marrow Registry. There was only a 25% chance that she would have been a match and I was really hoping she would be. I will be curious to see how many matches they will come up with from the registry. There are over 6 million registered donors so I am hoping to have a few good choices.

Thank you Juanita, Chrisi, Cody and Mom for decorating my room.


Rhonda Stanton said...

Samantha - Carol told us today of your condition. I'm so glad you're writing the blog so we can all know your needs and pray for your complete healing. I know you can do all things with the strength God has given you to fight this before. You can do it again. I hope to make it up to Fort Worth in the next few months and maybe can visit with you. I'll keep checking the blog and will keep you in my daily prayers.
Love you!!
Rhonda Stanton

Lindsey Fender said...

Your room looks great!! I love it. I want to come visit you and see what it looks like in person. Maybe I can come visit next week. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.
Love you!!
Ben and Lindsey Fender

darabarner said...

I can't believe we did not think to do that las time : ) !! Glad to hear you are feeling ok.