Friday, October 26, 2007


Well I wanted to update everyone on the donor search. I spoke with my donor coordinator yesterday and she said after they received all my blood typing they put all my information into the donor database and I have 315 potential matches! I can't believe the number. Granted not all are perfect matches, but the fact that I have so many is encouraging. I received funding from the National Marrow Donor Program to test 4 potential donors. They were starting to contact them yesterday. It should be a couple of weeks before we know if any of them are going to be my donor. I am happy that they have started the search. I have a feeling that it will take a month or more to find my donor and get started with the transplant.

Injections are going well. We started them last night at 10pm. I am very proud that my mom was able to give me a shot. It is really not that bad.


Susan Priest said...

Glad you are home, girl. I am soo proud of you. I'm sure it will take some time to get the donor lined up. At least you are back in your own bed and can relax while you are waiting.
Talk to ya soon.

rob said...

YAY for home!! I know that feeling its oh so good. Glad to here about the funding and potential donors! That great!

Christy said...

Hi Sam!!

That's very encouraging that you have so many potential donors! :o)

It looks like things are looking your way sweets and, I am so excited for you. :o)