Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Feeling much better today

Yesterday was a rough day. I was running a 102 temp most of the day and Tylenol wasn't helping. All day I had the chills, aches and shakes. I felt terrible. This was the worst I have felt ever. All I wanted was for my fever to break. They eventually had to give me ice packs to try to cool me down. I don't think that helped much, but finally last night the Tylenol worked and my temp was down to 98.7. I was so happy to see that number. That was the lowest it had been all day. I had more energy last night and I got out of bed and mom and I walked around the floor for a few minutes. I actually slept thru the night! I am still running a low grade fever, but the Tylenol is working. I am about to get a blood transfusion and I always get Tylenol and benadryl with that. I think after the transfusion I should feel much better and have more energy.


Christy Imel - Grant said...

Hi Sam;

I am sorry to hear that you had a rough day. Prayerfully you'll feel better after the transfusion.

Blessings and prayers are with you!!

rob said...

Glad you were able to sleep thru the night. I totally know that feeling. Hope you continue to improve!!