Saturday, October 6, 2007

I made it!

As of 11:22 last night I was finished with chemo. I was emotional as she took the bag off and threw it in the trash knowing that the bag was not going to be replaced by yet another one. Chemo is such an emotional roller coaster. You are on so many different drugs to combat nausea and all the other effects chemo causes that it starts to affect your mental state. Now that I am off, I feel much better mentally. It might be because the steroids have finally left my body! Today they started me on a white cell booster to get those to start producing again. So is it too early to be planning my escape? I was thinking since I am no longer on chemo and hopefully they will stop my fluids soon, maybe I can recover at home as long as I promise to be a good cancer patient and stay in the house and away from germs. I know I have to be here until Friday since that is the date for my next bone marrow biopsy. As long as there are less that 5% blasts in my marrow, the chemo did it's job. I'm glad that I will be in the hospital for the next biopsy so I can get all the good IV drugs that makes the procedure at least tolerable, since they won't put me to sleep.

Today I am getting my first of many blood transfusions. I can tell I need one because when I get up and walk around I get light headed. My heart rate has been high over the past few days. This morning my resting heart rate is 122. I guess we know that my heart is working just fine! Thanks to everyone who has gone to Carter to donate blood for me. I didn't realize that you had to give so much information just to donate. If they give you any trouble, just call me and I will give you all the information you need. Getting blood is an all day process. They have to drip it in slowly so 1 bag can take from 2-4 hours. I will be getting 2 bags today. Thank goodness for TV and Internet.

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Robbie said...

At least you know the drill Sam. One day at time.. Since you haven't posted since Friday are you home?
Dara tells me your Mom makes quilts. She and I have that in common.
Thinking you you.