Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Having no hair has it's advantages.

1. I only have to use one towel.

2. I save on shampoo.

3. I don't have to use my hair dryer or straightener.

4. I save myself 20 minutes in the morning.

5. I look better wearing a baseball cap

I really don't miss my hair. Actually I'm glad that it's gone. I was still in that awkward phase of the growing out process. I was really looking forward to putting my hair in a ponytail one day. If I could have done that, then I would have been sad to see it go. It took what feels like forever to get it to the length that it was. Next time I know what to expect. I have to be patient and just let it grow without cutting it no matter how crazy it makes me. I might buy myself a good wig so I can cover it while it grows out.

I am allergic to something. We think it's the IV antibiotics that I have been on for almost a week. It started yesterday with a light red rash on my stomach and chest. By last night it was brighter red and all over my stomach. When I woke up this morning it was all over my my face and the rest of my body. I'm glad that it doesn't itch. Hopefully it is the antibiotics causing this rash and that it will clear up soon.

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so4577 said...

Hey Sam!!! You haircut looks GREAT!! I pray that everything goes well for you. Stay strong!