Friday, October 5, 2007

Chemo is finished (In a few hours)

The only exciting thing going on today is chemo is finished tonight!! YEAH. It has been a long week hooked up to continuous chemo, but I see the light. My counts are very low today. I had to get platelets this morning and I will need a blood transfusion tomorrow. Other than that noting exciting going on here. I am just hanging out watching TV and updating my I-pod. I love my new I-pod. Debbie surprised me with it the other day. It helps me go to sleep since I can listen to my relaxing music and ignore all the other hospital noise. Some of the guys that my dad works with gave me $125 worth of I-tunes gift cards so I have been buying lots of new music. I appreciate everyone wanting to help take care of me and give me something to look forward to. It is getting harder to keep myself occupied during the day. I love everyone and thanks for keeping me in your prayers.