Thursday, October 18, 2007

I made platelets!!

After 3 weeks I finally made some platelets. They were 16,000 yesterday and today they were 25,000. I am so happy my body finally produced something. My doctor said that I am showing signs of count recovery. That is what I want to hear. I have been in the hospital for 3 weeks as of today. I am still running a fever. Not 102, but it is still 100-101. From my blood cultures it showed I have a bacteria infection that is a strain of strep. I have been watching the news and all that seems to be on is about the drug resistant staph infection. I was freaked out that was what I had, but thankfully I don't. And also it is not uncommon to run a fever when your counts start to recover. Maybe things are starting to look up. Now if I can only get over this fever then all will be well.

Christy- Thanks for the messages. Right now I just need prayers.
Alicia- Thanks for reading the blog. Tell Eddie hi. Still having fun packing?
Mama Bailes- Thanks for the message. I have been reading some. Big hugs to you!
Cynthia- Thanks for sending me a picture from the pumpkin patch. You have a cute class.

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Christy Imel - Grant said...

Sam; I am happy to hear that you made some platelets!! That sounds like a good sign.

You are always in my prayers Sam! :o) When you get out of the hospital, I'd like to come and give you a hug!

Much love~