Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nothing new today

I still have the rash. It has finally spread down my arms and legs. The doctor thinks it's a drug rash so they have taken me off all my medications. Since I am no longer taking any antibiotics I have become a bit of a germ freak. I went downstairs to get an ice cream cone and I wore gloves. If I didn't look weird enough with the mask on now I am wearing gloves. I want to make sure I don't get any little germ so I don't get sick. If I get sick then that will prolong my time in the hospital and I am ready to get out of here. I still want visitors and I'm not worried about anyone that comes to see me. I just don't know what's out there and how well they clean things outside of my room. I can't believe I have been her for over 2 weeks already. It really has gone by faster than I thought it would. Now if my white count would start coming up then I will know more when I will be able to go home.

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Robbie said...

Hi Ms Sam,
I was thinking of you and thought I'd drop a line. Sorry I am not closer to come see u in the hospital. With your new rash, you must be quite colorful. :-) I too am thankful you are not itching. I have been attacked by a reaction to antibiotics. Hives from top of head to bottom of feet, including the palms of my hands. Nasty that. Trying to scratch an itch on the palms.
As a self proclaimed bookwoman, I can recommend some reading material. Good escape stuff. I have been listeneing to some books on CD. Odd Thomas is my most recent series. (Koontz)He writes like my mind works. Wandering off sometimes.
Wish I were there to Hug U. I keep you in my prayers.
Be well Sam.
Mama B