Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Exciting day

I had some excitement today. The nurse told me when I left the hospital that if I had pain or swelling in my right arm to go see the doctor. Well on Tuesday I started having some pain under my right arm. I called the nurse this morning and she said I should go for a Doppler study to check to see if I had a blood clot. Well they found that I had two clots in two different veins. So at my doctors office they did blood work to check to see if my platelets were high enough and they wanted to take out my picc line. The picc line is great for a short amount of time, but a side effect is blood clots. Taking it out was easy. Taking the bandage off was more painful than actually taking it out. So to get rid of the blood clot I have to be on blood thinners. I don't mind taking the medication, but it also involves giving myself injections. I am not a needle person and I really don't think I could give myself injections. I had my dad learn so he could be the one to give them to me. The needle is so small that it doesn't hurt, but I get so much anxiety that I work myself up about it. I am getting better around needles, but that fear is still there. Hopefully after getting injections every 12 hours for the next week will cure me of my fear.

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